A unique chromosome engineering technique is employed for the complete humanization of mouse antibody gene

RenMab™ Mouse: A Next-Gen Fully Human Antibody Mouse

Biocytogen’s RenMab™ Mouse is an antibody-humanized mouse with the most complete antibody genes replacement in the world, which has been designed to greatly simplify and de-risk the antibody development process.

RenLite™ (Common Light Chain) Mouse

Empower Bispecific Antibody Development

RenLite™ is a humanized mouse whose light chain variable domain is genetically modified to contain only human-derived VJ gene combinations, and the heavy chain variable region contains all human-derived V, D, and J antibody germline genes. Bispecific antibodies can bind two different antigens or epitopes, enabling a wide range of clinical applications that monoclonal antibodies cannot address. RenLite™ can eliminate undesired chain mispairing, simplify the antibody purification process, and increase the success rate of bispecific antibody development.

RenNano™ (Heavy Chain Only)

Producing Human Monoclonal Antibody Dimers

RenNano™ is a humanized mouse that lacks the heavy chain constant domain CH1. The variable region contains all human-derived V, D, and J antibody germline genes, which can produce diverse repertoires of human antibodies dimers with heavy chains only. The VH region of the heavy chain antibody can be derived and combined into many types of antibodies, such as nanobodies, bispecifics, multivalent antibodies, and antibody-conjugate drugs. Among them, Nanobodies have high physical and chemical stability, high solubility, and fast tissue penetration ability, which makes them widely used in a variety of therapeutic fields such as hematology, oncology, neurology, inflammation and infectious diseases.

Project Integrum: A Revolutionary Knockout Library

We aim to create RenMab™ Mice with over a thousand targets knocked out to cover essentially all non-lethal knockout of targets.

Our Pipeline