About the RenMab™ Platform

RenMab™ is designed to eliminate current bottlenecks faced during therapeutic antibody discovery. We envision it to be a leading platform that challenges the status quo and offers maximum potential to fill the unmet needs in discovering different antibody types and targets.

RenMab is an innovative technology of Biocytogen.

The RenMab™ platform is an innovation resulting from the interdisciplinary collaboration between geneticists and immunologists within Biocytogen. Our scientific teams realized the current shortcomings in antibody discovery using transgenic animals in the current market landscape. As a result, the teams came together and worked hard to craft a better solution that will push the boundary of biomedical science. 

Despite a handful of transgenic mouse models available for human antibody generation, many of these models are based on old genetic editing technologies, which limits the complete replacement of murine antibody genes, resulting in the incomplete human antibody repertoire and often lower performance. With the focus on translational success, Biocytogen utilized chromosome engineering to generate the RenMab™ Mouse, which can produce human-like antibodies with excellent diversity and affinity. The robust and fully validated RenMab™ platform is poised to become a powerhouse in antibody discovery innovation.

About Biocytogen

Biocytogen provides integrated solutions for next-generation antibody drug development to the global biomedical communities. Powered by cutting-edge gene editing technologies and a state-of-the-art animal facility, Biocytogen developed a seamlessly integrated platform for efficient antibody drug discovery and validation, including animal model generation, therapeutic antibody discovery (via RenMab™ mice), and in vivo/in vitro preclinical validation studies. Biocytogen collaborates with more than 70% of the top 50 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. Together, we discover innovative medicines for a better, healthier world.

Our Mission

  • Advance life sciences with high-quality and customized models to push the boundary of utilization of humanized target models in biomedical research
  • Develop technological platforms to accelerate next-generation drug discovery and development
  • Empower scientists in drug discovery by providing the necessary expertise to remove bottlenecks in research
  • Be a global leader in all-around preclinical services