RenMab™: Best-in-class fully human antibody platform

Key Features

1. Full human heavy chain and kappa light chain V(D)J loci substitution in situ



2. Fully human antibody repertoire diversity

3. Robust immune response comparable to wild type mouse

Validation Data

1. High binding affinity at sub-nanomolar range

The binding affinity of RenMab™ derived antibodies are comparable as antibodies generated from wild type mouse and chimeric antibodies.

2. RenMab™ mouse shows similar immune cell profile as wild type mouse

3. RenMab™ mice show overall normal B cell development with slight delay compared to wild type mice.

4. RenMab™ mouse antibody undergoes successful class switch similar as wild type mouse


Similar serum levels of Ig isotypes and IgG subtypes indicates successful class switch.

Learn more: RenMab™/RenLite™ Technical Data Sheet

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RenMice™ HiTS Platform

The RenMice™ HiTS (Hyperimmune Target Specific) Platform consists of a library of RenMice™ each with a specific target gene knocked out. These mice are designed to elicit robust immune responses against homologous proteins and generate antibodies that bind to broader epitopes.

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