One license for three platforms.

Biocytogen provides RenMab™, RenLite™ and RenNano™ mouse platforms that are powerful tools for generating fully human antibodies in various formats, including Bispecific, Multispecific, Heavy chain only antibody and Nanobody. One license covers all three platforms.

The RENMICETM Family – One License for 3 Platforms


Best-in-class fully human antibody platform
Available for licensing now

Fully human heavy chain and kappa light chain V(D)J loci substitution


Bispecific or Multispecific antibody discovery platform
Available for licensing now

Fully human heavy chain repertoire combined with a common light chain substitution


Heavy chain only antibody (HcAb) or Nanobody platform
Coming soon

Fully human heavy chain VDJ loci substitution with heavy chain CH1 knocked out

RenMice™ HiTS Platform

The RenMice™ HiTS (Hyperimmune Target Specific) Platform consists of a library of RenMice™ each with a specific target gene knocked out. These mice are designed to elicit robust immune responses against homologous proteins and generate antibodies that bind to broader epitopes.

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Biocytogen & RenMab commercial benefits

Licensing Options

License directly with Biocytogen
Option to use through other CROs or in-house

Co-development Opportunities

Exclusive partnership opportunities using our RenMiceTM HiTS Platform


Flexible terms tailored to accommodate different antibody programs