April 16, 2020

In Vivo vs. In Vitro Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

April Webinar


Lei Chen, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Antibody Discovery of Biocytogen


RenMab™ Mouse: a leading platform for fully human antibody generation

April 16, 2020 11:00 am

Lead and Candidate Selection for Therapeutic Proteins

in vivo antibody discovery using transgenic/humanized mice is of rising importance for the antibody community as it offers a multitude of benefits over in vitro methods (such as phage display of immune libraries) and humanization of murine antibodies. Biocytogen’s antibody discovery expert, Dr. Lei Chen will speak on current antibody discovery platforms, focusing in on a fully human antibody mouse (RenMab™ Mouse), as well as on how to expedite the screening of antibody candidates, from early discovery to in vivo efficacy investigations. ​​​​​​​Key points to cover by Dr. Lei Chen in the webinar: - Juxtaposing in vivo and in vitro platforms for antibody discovery - Benefits of in vivo method for antibody screening - Features of the fully human antibodies generated by RenMab™ Mouse Biocytogen’s Project Integrum, known as project “RenMab + target KO,” provides the ultimate platform to find antibodies for difficult targets such as GPCR Preview of other upcoming humanized platforms for bispecific (RenLite™ for common light chain) and single-domain antibodies (RenNano™ for heavy chain only) An accelerated antibody discovery workflow that leverages RenMab™ Mouse and target-humanized animal models