PRO1341, PRO0883, ALB, HSA, PRO0903, Albumin, Serum Albumin


Binds water, Ca, Na, K, fatty acids, hormones, bilirubin and drugs (Probable). Its main function is the regulation of the colloidal osmotic pressure of blood (Probable). Major zinc transporter in plasma, typically binds about 80% of all plasma zinc . Major calcium and magnesium transporter in plasma, binds approximately 45% of circulating calcium and magnesium in plasma. Potentially has more than two calcium-binding sites and might additionally bind calcium in a non-specific manner. The shared binding site between zinc and calcium at residue Asp-273 suggests a crosstalk between zinc and calcium transport in the blood. The rank order of affinity is zinc > calcium > magnesium. Binds to the bacterial siderophore enterobactin and inhibits enterobactin-mediated iron uptake of E.coli from ferric transferrin, and may thereby limit the utilization of iron and growth of enteric bacteria such as E.coli . Does not prevent iron uptake by the bacterial siderophore aerobactin .

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RenMab: Antibody Discovery

RenLite: F0

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Launched drugs: 14
Drugs in clinical trials: 2
Latest Research Phase: Approved

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Clinical Trials

Human Albumin (SK Plasma)


Sk Plasma

Human albumin (Guizhou Taibang Biological Products)


Guizhou Taibang Biological Products Co Ltd

Fibrosis, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult, Shock, Hemorrhagic

Human albumin(Tonrol Bio-Pharmaceutical)


Tonrol Bio-Pharmaceutical Co Ltd


Human Albumin(Guangdong Danxia)


Guangdong Danxia Biological Pharmaceutical Co Ltd


Human Serum Albumin (Green Cross)


Green Cross China Biological Products Co Ltd


Albumin Human(Sanquin Plasma Products)


Sanquin Plasma Products

Human Albumin(Anhui Da'An)


Tonrol Bio-Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Human Albumin(Hangzhou Tigermed)

Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co Ltd

Human albumin (Hebei Da'an Pharmaceutical)


Hebei Daan Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Fibrosis, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult, Shock, Hemorrhagic

Human Albumin(Huhan Nanyue)


Hunan Ziguang Huhan Nanyue Pharmaceutical Co Ltd





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