Stuart factor, Coagulation factor X, F10, Stuart-Prower Factor, Prothrombinase, EC, Factor Xa, Factor X, FXA, FX, EC 3.4.21, EC:


Factor X, also known by the eponym Stuart–Prower factor, is an enzyme of the coagulation cascade. It is a serine endopeptidase (protease group S1, PA clan). Factor X is synthesized in the liver and requires vitamin K for its synthesis.Factor X is activated, by hydrolysis, into factor Xa by both factor IX (with its cofactor, factor VIII in a complex known as intrinsic Tenase) and factor VII with its cofactor, tissue factor (a complex known as extrinsic Tenase ). It is therefore the first member of the final common pathway or thrombin pathway.It acts by cleaving prothrombin in two places (an arg-thr and then an arg-ile bond), which yields the active thrombin. This process is optimized when factor Xa is complexed with activated co-factor V in the prothrombinase complex.Factor Xa is inactivated by protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor (ZPI), a serine protease inhibitor (serpin). The affinity of this protein for factor Xa is increased 1000-fold by the presence of protein Z, while it does not require protein Z for inactivation of factor XI. Defects in protein Z lead to increased factor Xa activity and a propensity for thrombosis.

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Edoxaban Tosilate Hydrate



Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd

Pulmonary Embolism, Embolism, Venous Thromboembolism, Neoplasms, Heart Diseases, Stroke, Thromboembolism, Embolism and Thrombosis, Atrial Fibrillation, Venous Thrombosis, Thrombosis

Heparin sodium biosimilar (Blau Pharmaceuticals)


Blau Pharmaceuticals


Nonacog gamma

rFIX, BAX-326



Hemophilia B

Rurioctocog alfa pegol

BAX-855, BAX-0855



Hemophilia A

Human prothrombin complex concentrate (Shanxi Kangbao Biological Products)


Shanxi Kangbao Biological Product Co Ltd


Antihemophilic factor B (Armour)


Csl Behring Llc, Armour Pharma

Hemophilia B

Prothrombinex-VF (CSL Behring)


Csl Behring Llc


Trenonacog alfa

IB-1001, APVO-101


Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals

Hemophilia B

Antithrombin III (Human, Grifols)


Grifols Sa

Antithrombin III Deficiency, Thromboembolism


MK-4448, PRT-021, MLN-1021, PRT-054021


Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc

Venous Thromboembolism, Kidney Diseases, Thromboembolism, Atrial Fibrillation, Hepatic Insufficiency





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