Webinar: Powerful Engine for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery – RenMab/RenLite Immunoglobulin Humanized Mouse Platform

Date: June 8, 2021
Speaker: Li Hui, MD, PhD, Scientific Director, Antibody Discovery
About the webinar:

The most desired therapeutic antibodies will be the ones with best developability and least immunogenicity. Human antibodies that are generated from immunoglobulin transgenic mice have been proved to be successful due to the in vivo natural selection, affinity maturation of antibody secreting B cells. Biocytogen established the first and second generation of immunoglobulin humanized mouse platforms: RenMab and RenLite. RenMab mice carry a full human heavy chain and kappa light chain repertoire and have been proved to be a robust human antibody discovery engine. RenLite mouse is designed to overcome the common challenge of bispecific antibody discovery: Heavy and light chain mispairing while carrying a full human heavy chain repertoire diversity. Both RenMab and RenLite mice can be further genetically modified by knocking out specific target genes to break immune tolerance and elicit strong response for challenging and high homologous targets.